Urns And Caskets


Winston 28
Cloth Covered Gray
White Crepe
Kingston 28
Cloth Covered White
White Crepe
Akron 28
Cloth Covered Pink
Pink Crepe
Cloth Covered Gray
White Crepe
Hamilton 28
Cloth Covered 28
Blue Crepe
Toledo 25
Cloth Covered Gray
White Crepe

C-1 20 ga. White Non Sealer
Painted White
White Crepe
C-1 20 ga. White Non Sealer
Painted White
Pink Crepe
C-1 Blue Non Sealer
Painted Blue
Blue Crepe
C-1 20 ga. Silver Non Sealer
Painted Silver
White Crepe
C-1 20 ga. Copper Non Sealer
Painted Copper
Rosetan Crepe
C-1 20 ga. Bronze Non Sealer
Painted Bronze
Rosetan Crepe
If you've decided on a cremation funeral, an urn is a beautiful receptacle to preserve your loved one's remains. Urns come in several different styles, colors and sizes. Urns can be buried in most any cemetery, memorial garden or a vault designed with niches (urn vault).
When selecting an urn, you might want to choose one that reflects the deceased. It may reflect the individual's hobbies with scenes of sports or other pastimes. Or you may want to find a decorative urn. Funeral urns are available in wood, ceramic, marble, cast bronze, granite, and mother of pearl. Keepsakes are usually the miniature copy of the urn used for the deceased. If internment, burial or scattering was chosen for the deceased, a keepsake is a beautiful way to remember the individual.
If you have decided on a burial, choosing a casket is an important part of the funeral. Caskets come in a large variety of colors and styles.
Tear Drop Urn
Urns & Keepsakes
Available in:
Brushed Brass
Bright Silver
Brushed Pewter
Bronze Tone
*Keepsakes and Necklaces
Le Flour
Cream Wash, Marble Urn
Guardian Angel with Flower
Teakwood, Marble Urn
Black Grain
*Keepsakes and Necklaces sold separately

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Keepsake 3
Keepsake 2
Keepsake 4
Keepsake 5
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Keepsake 7
Keepsake 8
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Keepsake 10
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Keepsake 14
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Keepsake 16
Keepsake 17
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Keepsake 19
Keepsake 20
Pendant 1
Pendant 2
Pendant 3
Pendant 4
Pendant 4
Pendant 5
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Tear Drop Pendant
Tear drop Urn